Thursday, October 16, 2014

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Hoax Busters: Conspiracy or just Theory? - Live & Recorded Episodes:


• Tug McGraw (1980 World Champions)
• Controlled opposition - how to spot a fake leader

(New) World Order references:

• Franklin D. Roosevelt Hitler New World Order Speech
• George Bush Sr. New World Order Live Speech Sept 11 1991
• Bush Sr. New World Order Speech (January 1991)
• Gordon Brown New World Order Speech
• Joe Biden's New World Order Speech (Export/Import Bank Conference)
• Obama's New World Order Speech
• Bill Clinton New World Order speech
• Phillies continue to enjoy front row seat to the progress of everybody else
• Disney CEO Bob Iger's big bet on start-ups
• Five schools of thought about where the world may be headed next
• Abta 2014: New world order in customer satisfaction is emerging
• World Order by Henry Kissinger – review
• JPMorgan results show banking's new world order
• What Will Putin's New World Order Be?
• Putin’s East vs. Globalist West: Merging Into a New World Order
• Barroso talks new world order
• New Document Reviews LaRouches’ 40-Year Struggle for New World Order Now Emerging
• Pax Sinica - China is trying to build a new world order, starting in Asia
• Scientists warn of a 'new world order' as Chinese per person emissions overtake Europe's
• Henry Kissinger’s ‘World Order’: An Aggressive Reshaping of the Past
• Where does India fit in the new world order?
• New World Order - sells cheap at a very hefty price
• Russia’s Lavrov lauds Africa as pillar of new world order
• Amnesty International a New World Order ``Gate-Keeper`` for Human Rights
• The new world order’s coming early
• President Obama’s UN Speech: Defending World Order
• What New World Order? (Spring 1992)
• New World Order (conspiracy theory)

• Rockstar Energy Drink
• Practice Does Not Make Perfect
• nlp guitar playing
• The truth about chemtrails (video)
• Contrail
• How to defensive drive in Toronto

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