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Zbigniew Brzezinski, National Security Adviser to Jimmy Carter, Dies at 89

"Mr. Brzezinski, a descendant of Polish aristocrats (his name is pronounced Z-BIG-nyehv breh-ZHIHN-skee), was a severe, even intimidating figure, with penetrating eyes and a strong Polish accent. Washington quickly learned that he had sharp elbows as well. He was adept at seizing the spotlight and freezing out the official spokesman on foreign policy, Secretary of State Cyrus R. Vance, provoking conflicts that ultimately led to Mr. Vance’s resignation."

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Excerpts From Brzezinski's Selective Global Commitment

Foreign Affairs Magazine Fall 1991....

There is a pervasive sense that the world is on the threshold of a new era. The dilemmas, passions and especially utopias of the recent past have suddenly become irrelevant. Yet before a new world order is proudly proclaimed and majestically inaugurated, some serious geostrategic rethinking is necessary, lest global disorder comes to dominate the onset of the post-Cold War era.

The end of the Cold War marks this century's third grand transformation of the organizing structure and motivating spirit of global politics. The first two great transformations did not enhance international security. The question now is, will the third?

The catalyst for the third transformation is the success of the West and, specifically, the United States in the outcome of the Cold War. Much therefore depends on the geostrategic implications drawn from the conclusion of that era, especially by America and those nations that were its principal partners in that prolonged engagement.....

The revolution in behavior among the most advanced countries is reinforced not only by the growing interaction and personal familiarity among their governing elites, but also by a profound alteration in public values. For the average citizen the imperatives of consumption are now more important than those of territory or ideology. Neither the desire for complete national independence nor ideological self-righteousness are the overriding motivations shaping the coalition's public opinion....

Threats to international security have traditionally been defined in terms of state-to-state relations. That was especially the case in an age in which the nation-state was the principal vessel of decisive political action. But in the emerging age of organic global politics, it is just as likely that major threats could originate from within states, either through civil conflicts or because of the increased technological sophistication of terrorist acts.

The character of the security challenges now facing the global community was dramatically defined by EC Commission President Jacques Delors in his important March 1991 address to the International Institute for Strategic Studies: "All around us, naked ambition, lust for power, national uprisings and underdevelopment are combining to create potentially dangerous situations, containing the seeds of destabilization and conflict, aggravated by the proliferation of WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION."

This general description could be amplified by a long list of specific problems, some due to the end of the Cold War, some long-lasting regional conflicts or legacies of imperialism, others likely to arise because of the emergence of new regional powers, and still others inherent in the inequality and poverty of the human condition-exacerbated by the population explosion. But all will be made potentially more lethal because of the inevitable further diffusion of WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION.....

And how the Middle East evolves depends very heavily on the degree to which America chooses to play a passive or active role. Indeed, the American role in helping to shape these answers will be critical simply because today's global politics include only one superpower, the United States. No other power currently possesses the attributes needed for effective global leverage: military reach, political clout, economic impact as well as social and cultural appeal.12

America's special status, however, is threatened by its own domestic shortcomings. To be sure it would be rash to underestimate the innate capacity of American society for rapid renovation. A burst of economic and technological renewal could well be sparked in America, drastically reversing even in the 1990s some of the downward trends in the country's economic indices. Unless America pays more attention to its domestic weaknesses a new global pecking order could emerge early in the next century, in the event that a unifying Europe and an economically dynamic Japan were to assume large political and military responsibilities.

Accordingly, U.S. policy will have to strike a more deliberate balance among global needs for continued American commitment, the desirability of some devolution of U.S. regional security responsibilities and the imperatives of America's domestic renewal. This will require a more subtle American contribution to sustaining global security than was the case during the Cold War. More emphasis will have to be placed on cooperation with genuine partners, including shared decision-making in world security issues. American influence is in fact likely to be higher if the homeward redeployment of some of its forces precedes-not follows-the host country's demand.

The emerging global system thus is likely neither to be based on American hegemony nor derived from genuine international harmony. Though America is today admittedly the world's only superpower, global conditions are too complex and America's domestic health too precarious to sustain a worldwide Pax Americana. A truly new world order, based on consensus, rule of law and peaceful adjudication of disputes, may eventually become a reality. But that day is still far off. As of now, the phrase is a slogan in search of substantive meaning.

Isolationism, given the emergence of the global economy and the impact of modern communications, is also not a practical option. Thus the real alternatives are these: either a world of intensifying disorder-with a divided Europe, a Soviet Union plunging into violent chaos, a Far East destabilized by new power shifts and a Middle East marked by continued conflict-cumulatively producing a catastrophic breakdown in global security; or an incipient global security structure, derived from widening and increasingly self-reliant regional cooperation, backed by selective and proportionate American commitments.

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Our Third Life

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So now you know why I've been pickling and storing my own gravity since the late 80's-C

FORGET FLAT EARTH! The Video that the P.T.B. Doesn't Want You To See! DEEPER THAN FLAT EARTH!

Hoax Busters Call

“People are suckers for a mystery”-Mark Sargent

Everyone who knows that NASA is engaged in fraud also know with about 112% degree of certainty that the earth is actually flat.

Utilizing the same “Truther” (non)logic formula that brought you the “Flat Earth Movement”, we can concoct another great truth…

Since James Cameron is a known director and producer of Hollywood films we can be reasonably assured that his “Deep Sea” missions were fake and CGI. With that fact established we can rampage forward to the inevitable conclusion that, NOWHERE in ANY of the worlds oceans is the water deeper than 100 feet.

Welcome, my friends, to Deep Truth™, a fresh new bowl of conspiracy candy that we can all provide the truths that establish Deep Truth™ though rigorous application of Citizen Science(Assertions, Conjecture, False Dichotomies and LOTS AND LOTS of pure speculation).

Flat Earth was settled once and for all when we figured out the simple formula: NASA Lies = Flat Earth.

Now it’s time for Deep Truth™…
James Cameron Lies = Oceans No Deeper than 100 ft…FACT. Now all that remains is to go out there and find the proof!

“Remember, line barnacles must be accounted for, they’re tricky little bastards, they usually drop off your depth gauge lane when you pull it up.”-Deep Truth™ Facts Book


Deep Sea - Perfect Dark Music Extended

Again with Jeranism


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Hoax Busters-The Mystic Chords of Henry Ford

Hoax Busters: Conspiracy or just Theory? - Live & Recorded Episodes:

Call No.514

Our acceleration in adaptability to change makes the new and unexpected quickly appear familiar and habitual. So we soon forget the past- an ominous fact at this time, when a thousand crazy novelties press for adoption and the steadying tradition of the past restrains nobody. - William Roscoe Thayer , Historian-1921, Mystic Chords of Memory book by Michael Kammen, Henry Ford, History is Bunk, Science and Progress, Fat Earth Theory, 9/11, No Planes Theory, Sputnik, Cosmonauts, NASA, The Cold War, Communism, Darwinism, Speciation, Pseudoscience, Petrified Wood, Chicago across Lake Michigan, Jerry Lees Cosmology according to Glen Kealey.

Endcap: Jeranism on Jeranism, Flat Earth Caveman Cosmology(youtube), Mark Sargent FAQ, Lenny and his Ducks.

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‘Rare as winning the lottery’: New dinosaur fossil so well-preserved it looks like a statue

Before being assembled into something recognizable at a museum, most dinosaur fossils look to the casual observer like nothing more than common rocks. No one, however, would confuse the over 110 million-year-old nodosaur fossil for a stone.

The fossil, being unveiled today in Canada’s Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology, is so well preserved it looks like a statue.

Even more surprising might be its accidental discovery, as unveiled in the June issue of National Geographic magazine...


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John Adams Afternoon Commute

Hoax Busters: Conspiracy or just Theory? - Live & Recorded Episodes:

Pancake Earth: Flat and gluten free....

The Mystic Chords of Memory book by Michael Kammen, Hypernormalization, Taxes, Rigged Economy, History and Heritage, Progress, Manufactured Culture, Foreign Affairs Magazine, Cold War to Terror, The Parallel Universe, National Ride Your Bike to Work Day, Sustainability, Meat Tax, Carbon Tax, Flat-Earth-Vegan-Gluten-Free-Philadelphia-Eagle-Fan, Flat Earth Gurus and Their Social Engineering Psyop, Boston Bombing Fakery means the earth is flat, 9/11 fakery means the earth is flat, Appollo Fakery mean the earth is flat, Joe Rogan, Shaquille O'Neal, Trump said earth is flat(bogus story), Organic Food, Soy Chorizo, Wheat Chorizo, Spanish Language is Sexist.

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NASA ISS "Astronaut" Caught Faking Space Uses A Harness During Live Feed With Boise State



This new species of dinosaur looks like Zuul from Ghostbusters

"If you're a paleontologist naming a newly discovered species, it's important to know your beloved critter's place in the pecking order. Not all animals—or dinosaurs, even—were masters of their domain. Not everyone can be a Rex. Case in point: Zuul crurivastator, a short-snouted Late Cretaceous dinosaur whose new name translates to "destroyer of shins."

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Via: Questioning Our Reality

Hoax Busters: Bringing You The Hardest Data and the Dankest Memes.

Hoax Busters: Conspiracy or just Theory? - Live & Recorded Episodes:

Call No. 512

Trying to Critically Thinking,Flat Earth Theory, Mick West, Joe Rogan, Micro Meteorites,Souther Hemisphere Flights, Check for Yourself H.B.C. Citizen Science Corps Report(submit your data to, One Giant Leap of Logic, Chris get really sarcastic, maybe excessively (?), The Girls Got a Gun,Debate and Argument,Shit Talking Trolls, Dinosaurs in the Natural World, Fossil Fuels, Fresh Dino Meat, Viruses, Pharmaceuticals, Hey Kids!Legos are made with Dinosaur Bones(petrol), Chemicals, Paint Huffing for Science, Chemtrails, Cotton Wood Tees, Native Americans, Primitive Cultures, Blight, Land Management, President Actors, Okies, Sod Houses, The Dust Bowl, The Aerospace Industry, California Culture, Charles Phoenix, The Kerrville Folk Festival, The Goat Guy Lawn Mowing, Prairie Dogs,Canada Geese, Dank Memes.

Endcap: 80's Predictive Programming,Putting your child to bed post citizen science revolution of 2025, Ad Sponsored by Hoax Buddy Benefactor, Shelton

H.B.C. Citizen Science Report[hard data]
[sample]frog egg membrane [location]commanche co fairgrounds runoff canal
susistinol level=12%, actigen levels=43%, ketigen=.04 %[ppm-ml]

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Monday, May 15, 2017

Just look at it, would you?!....

click on image for full resolution

H.B.C. Contributing Correspondent and Citizen Scientist, Nino Teauoneaux snapped this photo of the moon in question with his cell phone camera rigged to a telescope.Good detail visible with some vignetting from the telescope giving it an appealing artsy vibe. Go Science! Nice work, Nino! -C

Tomorrow's World: Home Computer Terminal 20 September 1967 - BBC


1966 prediction of the home computer

News report from 1981 about the Internet

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Avatar fans suicidal because planet Pandora is not real

"Fans of the film have flooded the internet to express their distress at realising they will never be able to visit the utopian planet.

On one website, Avatar Forums, the topic "Ways to cope with the depression of the dream of Pandora being intangible" has more than 1,000 posts."

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Pentagon Plans $7 Million Real Life 'Avatar' Remake

"the Avatar program will develop interfaces and algorithms to enable a soldier to effectively partner with a semi-autonomous bi-pedal machine and allow it to act as the soldier’s surrogate."

Via: Jay Dyer

"semi-autonomous bi-pedal machine"...I vote that they make it beaver-like-C

Joe Rogan Experience #959 Mick West, Metabunk Debunked and the Flat Earth False Dichotomy

Hoax Busters Call

Being aware of the fact the NASA is a fraudulent “scientific” agency DOES NOT make you a believer in Flat Earth cosmology any more than it would make you a believer in Donut Earth Cosmology, Mobius Strip Cosmology, Computer Simulation Cosmology or ANY OTHER cosmology.

It just means that NASA is a fraud and it does not necessarily follow that we actually live inside a giant flat petri dish under a giant glass dome and fake moon projection.

What is the “great awaking” that Flat Earthers proclaim is happening? We are awakening to WHAT exactly? That an advanced alien race built the giant petri dish so they could study us? Giant leaps of logic, that this crowd is demonstrably prone to, certainly could lead them to that conclusion based on what the new flat-earth authorities tell them.

The Flat Earth Movement that erupted on the internet back in 2015 when certain personas emphatically declared…”NASA is lying to us, the earth is actually flat, go check it for yourself”.

Fast forward to the year 2017 and these self-styled citizen scientist or now proclaiming themselves experts on atmospheric lensing and air travel in the slipstream AFTER it became painfully obvious that the matter was not resolved by “check it yourself”…”looks flat, must be flat”.

NOW the Flat Earth gurus explain the “anomalies” of empirical reality by way of speculation and conjectures related to various atmospheric effects and laws of perspective to help explain the fact that, objects in the distance or often times observed to be partially or even wholly obscured by the horizon line.

Point is…it isn’t so simple, is it? “check it for yourself” has now become “let me explain to you how light bends to fool your eye”…”trust me, the flat earth expert because…I’m not NASA”.

Of course, this is where people like Mick West can step up to reinforce belief in scientism by positioning himself at the opposite end of this logically fallacious false dichotomy that has been craftily constructed by way of the fabricated “Flat Earth Truth” Movement.

LOGIC 101:


Oh, one more thing..NASA fakery does not prove, or even so much as suggest that the moon is a hologram, sorry Jeran!-C

Marshall Ships Skylab Mockup to California

Ransomware "Attack" and Mr. Robot Prescriptive Programming

Season 2
In episode 1, Darlene prepares an attack using a variant of Cryptowall, capable of spreading through the network once it has infected a victim. The use of this kind of malware to force E Corp to pay a ransom is simple but effective, especially if we take into account that the company does not have backup copies of many of its records, because they were erased in the attack against Steel Mountain in season 1.

Episode 3 reminded us of the almost inevitable relation between cryptocurrency and cybercrime, since they are used in day-to-day operations of the Dark Web and also to collect the monies that victims of ransomware pay. Ray’s business, Midland City, is an example of the first case: a hidden market where the most obscure things are traded.

The fact that cryptocurrency is decentralized also makes it an element of financial speculation in the series; in episode 11, E Corp plans to impose its E Coin to replace Bitcoin, claiming it could be centralized and offering the government the possibility to monitor transactions through a backdoor, unlike what happens with Bitcoin.

Ransomware Attacks Hits 99 Countries

Ransomware Attack In The Season Premier Of Mr. Robot Probably Could Have Been Stopped By CryptoDrop

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HyperNormalisation 2016


Interesting limited hangout, partial fakery reveal by Adam Curtis of BBC.-C

H.B.C. Special Report: The Billionaire Boys Club

Hoax Busters: Conspiracy or just Theory? - Live & Recorded Episodes:

All in the Family...

NOTE: There's some discontinuities due to editing out multiple call drops-C

Bradley Cooper, Boston Bombing, Craft International, Seth Rogan, Jeff Skunk Baxter, Philip Taylor Kramer, Ralph Lauren, Laren Bush, Neil Bush, Chevy Chase, Kathleen Crane, Abigail Folger, John F. Kerry, Jack Valenti, Lyndon Johnson, JFK, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Peter Sarsgaard,Maggie Gyllenhaal,Glora Vanderbilt, Anderson Cooper, Diana Vreeland,Hugh Waldorf Astor, Frank Sinatra, David Mayer de Rothschild.

Intro Music: A Well Respected Man by the Kinks

Outtro Music: The Boys Are Back In Town by The Cardigans

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Bellarmine College Preparatory is a private, Jesuit, all-male secondary school located in San Jose, California. Founded in 1851, it and Notre Dame High School are the oldest secondary schools in the state. Bellarmine is a Catholic school within the Diocese of San Jose and sponsored by the Society of Jesus.

Jeran Campanella(jeranism), Class of 1998

Let's now examine Jeranisms continuing education...

Majors in Social Science with Emphasis on Global Studies gain durable tools to enrich and empower the global community by promoting social justice. By taking courses in anthropology, cultural geography, economics, history, political science, psychology, and sociology, students become competent to analyse, contextualize, and change global realities.

...In the process, students create link- ages between local and national issues, movements, and ideas as they relate to the rest of the world, and prepare both for a variety of careers and for all-important responsibilities as global citizens...

Boy, I just can't help but wonder if maybe they could influence change by performing science denial skit comedy where they illustrate the follies of uncritical thinking and shoddy scientific method applications with the end result being to create a dialectic for scientism endorsers to push against? Just a thought.-C

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Columbus and the Flat Earth Myth

"How and why did the flat-earth myth get started? The legend entered history when Washington Irving published his three-volume History of the Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus (1828). Irving, best known for “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” and “Rip Van Winkle,” used his fiction-writing skills to fabricate a supposed confrontation that Columbus had with churchmen who maintained that the Bible taught that the earth was flat. No such encounter ever took place.

Samuel Eliot Morison, a noted Columbus biographer, describes the story by Irving as “misleading and mischievous nonsense, . . . one of the most popular Columbian myths."

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Via: John Adams

Jeranism in the Slipstream...

Data from:

This is the authority that Jeranism appealed to to round out our excellent discussion.

Jeranism:(paraphrase) "We know that the moon appears spherical from our observation but don't trust your own eyes, consider what I'm suggesting as possibility,never minding how implausible and counterintuitive it sounds because we know we have been lied to about everything we have been told" Which was basically the core tenet of his discourse.

From that, to...

..."heres some data from MMAB / EMC / NCEP / NWS / NOAA that helps bolster my claim"

MMAB / EMC / NCEP / NWS / NOAA FTW! - Nice job, Jeran!

Oh wait, then's there's this...

Jeranism:(paraphrase)"we know we have a problem coming up with a coherent map"...

Jeranism:(paraphrase)"jet travel in the slipstream can account for the observed flight time discrepancy problem".

OK, then you really wouldn't have a problem with the AE map, would you?

Maybe a lesson that can be learned here is don't drink sweet sweet conspiracy koolaid to the point where you go in to an allegorical diabetic coma.-C

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

No, I really don't think that I am.....

Flat Earth International Conference

Via: Questioning Our Reality

Hmmmm, looks like there are no refunds on the flat earth.

OK, but if you self-identify as a flat earther will you receive extra frequent flyer miles on flights in the Southern Hemisphere?

Behold all of the well spoken photogenic pitch men and ladies that have all the answers for you! Maybe they have a theory as to how they all simultaneously exploded out of nowhere for no apparent reason?-C

Atmospheric Lensing Proves the Curve...Atmospheric Lensing Proves the Plane

The point I was trying to make with Frank, on the most recent Hoax Busters Call is that the refrain of "go check it out for yourself" is not quite as common sense and cut and dry as one would think.

When you dig into to this subject you must accommodate these various optical illusions that you may encounter that potentially distort reality. Mirages are real phenomena, both sides seem to agree on this point. Can you now maybe understand my frustration when I'm encountering flat-earthers that are offering me simplistic catch phrase memes as opposed to actually dealing with these different issues?

Does this atmospheric lensing effect disprove curvature? Can the observed effect possibly coexist with curvature? Do we now dismiss the footage of the sun appearing to get smaller at it sets because Rob Skiva has demonstrated now that we should anticipate the sun appearing bigger as it sets, due to lensing? Can you always observe Chicago from across lake Michigan using a telephoto lens? Is it nearly always invisible as the globalist scientist state in their video? Is that a phenomena that can be accounted by invoking this lensing effect on a flat plane?(invisibility). Are superior mirages acknowledged as real now, since they can now invoke optical illusions in into their observations?

Mr. Skiva points out that the top of the tower he was referring to appeared to be too large and therefore must be because of atmospheric magnification. Is there a reason why he did not also consider the possibility that maybe the device connected to the front of his camera also acts as a lens?(the lens)...

A telephoto lens makes distant objects appear much larger. Image by Brenda Anderson.

Can we really consider ourselves to be honest investigators when we accept evidence that supports our position and then arbitrarily dismiss or ignore the evidence that does not?

Can we regard ourselves as truth seekers and at the same time firmly take positions that we cannot adequately defend with our own words, depend on selected gurus to represent our positions, offer arm chair critique and congratulate ourselves for being open minded and "awake"?

Is there any sense whatsoever to the concept that flat-earth research is going to bring to a new area of "awakened" minds. Would not the first order of business be to undermine NASA's credibility FIRST, with the overly abundant circumstantial evidence of NASA fakery? Would not the world be more receptive to radically new ideas AFTER NASA is exposed, not BEFORE? Huge cart before the horse situation, if you ask me.


Tuesday, May 9, 2017


"Discredit By Association": the oldest trick in the mind-control book

Dear Cluesforum readers and contributors,

I think it is high time for us to react / address and call out the current, escalating yet all-too-transparent "DBA-strategy" (Discredit By Association) adopted by NASA's propaganda dept - clearly designed for damage control: NASA has by now been roundly exposed as a total fraud - and, of course, they weren't going to just sit back and let a growing number of honest / legitimate grass-root researchers "lead" the fledgling 'NASA truth movement' (for lack of a better term - *sigh*) and tranquilly diffuse their findings to the general public - in any sort of snowballing / or unimpeded fashion.

What NASA has rolled out is a carefully planned and coordinated, 'viral' DBA / co-opting campaign centered on the 'Flat Earth' meme and - I will hastily add - (with respect to those who may honestly entertain alternative cosmic models of their own) this fact should be clear as day to anyone, regardless of whether you reckon we live on a globe, a cube, a pancake or a Wiener würstel. The point being, it is by now painfully obvious that the objective of this NASA-campaign is to associate & equate (in the general public's psyche) anyone questioning NASA to mentally challenged / raving crackpots:

Tim: "Hey, Joe - did you watch that NASA rocket launch last night on TV? Heck - there was 'CGI' written all over it!"

Joe: "Omg, Tim... Taken your meds lately? Duh, I bet you also believe the earth is flat? HA HA HA! "

Continued @

Celbritards are on board...

The Short List of Famous People Who Think the Earth Is Flat (Yes, Really)

Oooh, celebrity endorsements! Yeah, that wouldn't be too suspicious would it?

An excellent point that John Adams made in this regard is that the media seems to have no problem drawing attention to this "massive secret" that the controllers have worked so hard to conceal for hundreds of years!

It is noteworthy that being critical of flat-earth guru, Jeranism make me the suspicious one in certain circles.

Flat earth theory prevails by sticking to cults of personality and allowing a pass for whatever fallacious noxious bullshit they want to peddle. Permit him to accuse me of "appealing to authority" when I stated that we can directly observe the tendency for liquids to coalesce into a sphere under certain conditions and at the same time he wants to refer to official NOAA weather maps to support his "planes in the slipstream" claim...criticize me for "shilling for Max Igan" when it was Jeranisms' own video.HA! Your 30ft bias wears christmas lights and runs through the streets with it's head on fire.

No, I'm not going to flatten my brain for the sake of flat-earth, ball-earth skepticism, or whatever the hell you want to call it.


Flat Earth: Skull and Bones...

FLAT EARTH... thesis!!!! anti thesis scientism and the synthesis occult paranormal hybrid worshiping grey aliens... hahaha

Via: Nino Teaoneaux

Hoax Busters-Conclusion, You Can't Get There from Here

Hoax Busters: Conspiracy or just Theory? - Live & Recorded Episodes:

Call No.509

War, Arguments from Authority, Flat Earth, Santiago to Sydney, Frank from Australia, NASA, Globalism, Santiago to Sydney on the Pizza Pie, Jeranism, Eric Dubay, Flat Earth and Other Hot Potatos, Flat Earth Psyop?, Predictive Programming, Logic Discourse, Establishing Truth via Repetitive Assertions, Chris declares himself a globe earth shill, Chris declares himself a flat earth shill, No curve-only lensing, All optical illusions are proof we live on a globe, All optical illusions provide proof that the earth is flat, Nothing regarding any of this can be gleaned by any material that can be obtain via the internet, please disregard the previous call post and the majority of this audio and get a telescope and prove it to yourself.

End Cap: Logan’s Run Trailer,

J Peter Puller(John Adams)-How to Survive a Nuclear Blast Dot Com Sponsored by Hoax Buddy Benefactors: Will Saar, Greg Passmore, Jan Van Gompel, Kelito Brigante.

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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Jeranism and Chris Kendall Discuss Flat Earth Theory

Hoax Busters: Conspiracy or just Theory? - Live & Recorded Episodes:

..."and if you look out the cabin window you'll see New Zeal..uh, never mind. We passed it already..."

Chris Kendall(myself )did a Skype call with Jeran (jeranism) and we spoke a bit about flat earth theory. As far as I’m concerned, the reality of air travel and the time that it takes to get between two points confirms that the earth is a globe.

I have since checked out what Jeran said was what the diameter of the earth would need be if it were indeed flat. From what I gather and I suggest people check it against whatever source they deem reliable, that the diameter would need to be at least 22,000 miles as apposed to Jerans’ 16,000 mile estimate.

That would necessitate Max Igan traveling an additional 15,000 miles(?) in his documented journey from Sydney to Santiago.

Tail wind or no, that’s not happening, in my estimation.

As far as I’m concerned, this baby’s been put to bed. Goodnight!

John Adams's Recommended Reading List.

Report: Man Spends over $32,000 to Become ‘Trans-Species’ Elf

After undergoing the “medically unapproved” eye color-changing surgery, which was performed without anesthesia, Padron was forced to use eye drops and wear black sunglasses to combat the “extreme photosensitivity” side-effects, which he claimed made “even watching stars in the sky” painful for days after the operation.

“I don’t consider this an obsession, but in fantasy you have all of the hope, love, friendship and good feelings,” Padron concluded. “This helps me to feel like a good person but in fantasy you have to be beautiful not only on the inside but the outside too."

Via: Jay Dyer

This video contains some interesting references to government conferences and
programs that reveal some of the completely unhinged mentally ill qualities of our "leaders".

The "Transhuman Terrorist" threat? Is it real? Um, no. Can it be made to appear real with psychological operation theater starring cosplay crisis actors? Yes, of course it could. The future look like it's going to include a lot more Luis Padrons, a bunch of mutilated mentally ill folks running around pretending they are elves and cyborgs when in reality they are arrested development adolescents playing pretend with permanently affixed halloween costumes.

Will we maybe be able to witness what Elon Musk says is necessary, the "merging of man and machine" a wet wired computer interface directly to the brain? Wikipedia for the brain? Direct access to consensus "facts and figures" that will transform an individual into a "super intelligence"?

Will they also be regarded as "trans-species" because of their undeniable affiliation with parrots?


Thursday, May 4, 2017

Call to Ken Miller Regarding Chromosome 2

Hoax Busters: Conspiracy or just Theory? - Live & Recorded Episodes:

Kenneth Miller

"Kenneth Raymond Miller is an American cell biologist and molecular biologist who is currently Professor of Biology and Royce Family Professor for Teaching Excellence at Brown University."

I (Chris Kendall) speak with Ken Miller, Professor of Biology at Brown University to speak about, what I was told, is the single greatest piece of evidence for Evolution Theory. From what I gather, chromosome fusion happen regularly but usually not regarded as evolutionarily significant. Also of interest, Mr. Miller was not familiar with the convergent evolution claim in regards to squid bioluminescence trait that is regarded as an example of "convergent evolution".

In Evolutionary Biology, does the right hand know what the left hand is doing? Hmmm...

"Striking" similarity in gene sequencing can be observed in unrelated animal species, as in the case of unrelated squid that both possess the bioluminescence trait, have "strikingly similar" genetic "synteny"and are regarded as examples of convergent evolution, meaning that the similarities are not the result of ancestry yet, in the case of humans, any sequencing we share with the great apes, is regarded as highly significant.

So basically the question is this, why is a given set of observations regarded as significant to make a case for a certain conclusion and yet, in another instance, comfortably accommodates the opposite conclusion?

That's really the question I had for Ken, but failed to wedge it in when he launched into to his human/squid eye comparison dissertation.

"In evolutionary biology, convergent evolution is the process whereby organisms not closely related (not monophyletic), independently evolve similar traits as a result of having to adapt to similar environments or ecological niches."

"Unless there are strong constraints, the probability of complex organs originating multiple times through similar trajectories should be vanishingly small. Here, we report that similar light-producing organs (photophores) evolved separately in two squid species, yet each organ expresses similar genes at comparable levels. Gene expression is so similar that overall expression levels alone can predict organ identity, even in separately evolved traits of squid species separated by tens of millions of years. The striking similarity of expression of hundreds of genes in distinct photophores indicates complex trait evolution may sometimes be more constrained and predictable than expected"

Another question...How qualified is Ken to make emphatic declarations about DNA, at this point?...

"In fact, the human genome is littered with pseudogenes, gene fragments, "orphaned" genes, "junk" DNA, and so many repeated copies of pointless DNA sequences that it cannot be attributed to anything that resembles intelligent design. If the DNA of a human being or any other organism resembled a carefully constructed computer program, with neatly arranged and logically structured modules, each written to fulfill a specific function, the evidence of intelligent design would be overwhelming. In fact the genome resembles nothing so much as a hodgepodge of borrowed, copied, mutated, and discarded sequences and commands that has been cobbled together by millions of years of trial and error against the relentless test of survival. It works, and it works brilliantly; not because of intelligent design, but because of the great blind power of natural selection to innovate, to test, and to discard what fails in favor of what succeeds. The organisms that remain alive today, ourselves included, are evolution's great successes."
"Life's Grand Design," Technology Review 97, no. 2 (1994): 28-29, by Kenneth R. Miller

"For years, the vast stretches of DNA between our 20,000 or so protein-coding genes" more than 98% of the genetic sequence inside each of our cells" was written off as "junk" DNA. Already falling out of favour in recent years, this concept will now, with Encode's work, be consigned to the history books."

Yet another question...Why is it that biologist aren't required to be highly conversant in coding?...

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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Richard Feynman, Super Genius of Quantum Quackery Fails on Magnetism


The Sock Puppet Paper...

"The first challenge is to understand the mechanisms by which conspiracy theories prosper; the second challenge is to understand how such theories might be undermined.


Government agents (and their allies) might enter chat rooms, online social networks, or even real-space groups and attempt to undermine percolating conspiracy theories by raising doubts about their factual premises, causal logic or implications for political action."

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Hoax Busters-Do Fairies Live In The Multiverse?

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Intro Hold Music Snippet:Steel Mill by Al Petty

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Endcap: Phillip E. Johnson on Darwinism(Religion), Bill Nye by ToNlit(youtube), The Moon is Essentially Grey by NASA

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Monday, May 1, 2017

Even North Korea’s Combat Sunglasses Are Fake

Most weapons on display in North Korea’s military parades are fake, a military expert has claimed.

Michael Pregend, a former Army intelligence officer in the US, was asked to examine pictures from a parade on April 15 in the capital, Pyongyang. ‘This was more about sending a message than being combat effective,’ he told Fox News. Many of the guns and projectiles appear to be dummies, he said, adding even the ‘flat-face frame’ sunglasses worn by soldiers are not combat ready.

US soldiers wear wraparound ballistic eyewear to protect their eyes from shapnel and projectiles. But he said the glasses worn by soldiers in North Korea would provide little protection.

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Via: Questioning Our Reality

The two faces of Rumsfeld

2000: director of a company which wins $200m contract to sell nuclear reactors to North Korea
2002: declares North Korea a terrorist state, part of the axis of evil and a target for regime change

Via: Jay Dyer

Snowden must have watched The Rockford Files...


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