Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Hallucinogenic plant ayahuasca gains foothold in US

"'In a time defined by consumerism and entertainment, people want to have strong experiences, one might consider spiritual experiences, something sacred.'

According to Dennis McKenna, assistant professor at the University of Minnesota's Center for Spirituality and Healing, some 100 clandestine ayahuasca ceremonies are held nightly in New York and other cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco.

McKenna said it is difficult to get a firm count on the number of ceremonies held across the country as ayahuasca contains the hallucinogenic drug dimethyltryptamine (DMT), which is illegal in the United States and is in the same category as Ecstasy and heroin."

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Joe Rogan, Pods, Sensory Deprivation Tanks, The Matrix, DMT

The Paulstal Service

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Holiday Viewing Recommendations: On modern servitude

Simon Perdrisat

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FAKE NEWS: Mainstream Media Super Cold Busted Compilation

Hoax Busters Call

I said a hip hop, Hippie to the hippie, The hip, hip a hop, and you don't stop faking the news...

Snopes Co-Founder Embezzles $98,000, Drops Weight, Leaves Fat Wife And Marries Actual Whore

"As one of the five fact-checkers selected by Facebook to determine FAKE NEWS, and one of the most widely referenced "debunking" websites, is even a tiny moral compass too much to expect?"

Via: Jay Dyer

I admit, I haven't ran this through snopes yet so I don't know if it's true.-C

The Clues Chronicle Issue 15: Hoi Polloi, KHam, Chris Kendall & The Possibility the Holocaust Never Happened

Hoax Busters: Conspiracy or just Theory? - Live & Recorded Episodes:

"Extray! Extray! Sinterklaas Wait, no, Santa Claus has come early this year. Whatever. Happy Solstice, Kwanzaa and so forth. Here it is, a truly useful Hannukah and/or Christmas Eve present to the world: turning over the absurd Holohoax story and giving it a thorough and fresh examination by three very questioning questioners!

We've got the usual kham and myself, but as a special guest in this 5+ hour episode, we also have along Chris Kendall of Hoax Busters Call. Should make for an interesting show ... let us know how we did!


Thursday, December 22, 2016

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

John Adams Afternoon Commute

Hoax Busters: Conspiracy or just Theory? - Live & Recorded Episodes:

The Electoral College = Russian Agents....

The Illusion of voting, The Informed vs. the Uninformed, Russian Hacked Election, Ridiculous History, No Agenda, Fake News, The Rothchilds, Putin, The USSR, Russia Today.

Commute Music: Cagey Bea by Junior Brown

John Adams's Recommended Reading List.

Hoax Busters: They Screw Electrodes into Babies' Heads

Hoax Busters: Conspiracy or just Theory? - Live & Recorded Episodes:

Call No.477

"Political language... is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind. George Orwell, Birth Trauma, Sensor screwed into baby's head(fetal monitor),Lab Coated Authority, Stanley Milgram's Experiments, Medical Industry the Leading Cause of Death, Dr. Amy("Mary") Tuteur, Institutional Conditioning, The Leipzig Connection (Basics in Education) book by Paolo Lioni, The Bloomberg School, The President's Analyst, Dreamscape, Fake News, SERAFYN v. CBS, Alternative Media, Overton Window, Alex Jones, Russian Hackers, The High Cost of Vengeance Book by Freda Utley,

Eli, Richard, Lynn, John, Al Gore, Bill Clinton, and Claire on the call.

Brought to you by: Jan, Jill, Jim, Matthew, Fakeologist(Hoaxbuddy Benefactors)

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Sunday, December 18, 2016

MK America

Adam Miller

"Throughout the 20th century there were many institutions that were built up in the name of creating the great society. Mental health was at the forefront of these institutions after the trauma that people experienced in World War 2. People were and still are undergoing a process that is separating them from the natural world.

Those who couldn't handle these changes were taken out of society and often experimented on like caged animals.

This is part of the nightmare of the Modernist culture or what we might call the American dream. Many of these institutions have now been abandoned but the imprint they left behind still lingers. As we move further into the 21st century the ghosts from the last century are still haunting our collective psyche.

All paintings and commentary are my own.

Please visit: and to view more of my work."

The Psychology of Power & Obedience with Jim Cunagin

Ep. 0129 of The Dangerous History Podcast

On this episode of the Dangerous History Podcast, CJ talks with Dr. Jim Cunagin, a practicing psychiatrist, about the psychology of power and obedience and some of the experiments that can help us understand these phenomena.

Join CJ & Jim as they discuss:

  • Stanley Milgram’s experiments
  • Philip Zimbardo’s Stanford prison experiment
  • The conformity experiments of Solomon Asch
  • The Bystander Effect (or ‘Kitty Genovese Effect’)
  • Jane Elliot’s Blue Eyes/Brown Eyes experiment
  • The lessons and meaning of these experiments when it comes to understanding power,

Via: Jim S.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

John Adams on Fakeologist with Tim

John and Tim discuss transgenderism, the hoaxbusters disinfo network, Adam Curry on Alex Jones, and fake news.


Thursday, December 15, 2016

John Adams Afternoon Commute: Project Nuke Hoax

Hoax Busters: Conspiracy or just Theory? - Live & Recorded Episodes:

Fortified With Strontium-90...

In this special edition of the Afternoon Commute, John and Myself(Chris) , being fans of the music podcast, Project Moonbase, do our own version with an Atom Bomb theme, Featuring:

Atom Bomb by Glen Barber, Nuclear Weapon by Roland Alphonso & The Skatalites,The Bomb by Volkor X, Nuclear War by Sun Ra, Thirteen Women by Bill Haley and The Comets, Electric Funeral by Brass Sabbath, Loving Arms by The Bellfries, Oh Lord Don’t Let Them Drop That Atomic Bomb on Me by Charles Mingus, Crawl Out Through the Fallout by Sheldon Allman, You Dropped A Bomb On Me (8 Bit Remix Cover Version) [Tribute to The Gap Band] - 8 Bit Universe, Nuclear Seasons by Charlie XCX, Great Atomic Power by the Louvin Brothers, Sooner or Later by Gruppa Tekhnologiya, We Got the Neutron Bomb by The Weirdos, Atomic Cocktail by The Slim Gaillard Quartette, Z Bomb by The NRC.

John Adams's Recommended Reading List.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Jay Dyer

Yes, the shill-busters were correct after all.

For the record*, Jay's real name is Jauezerov Diereenskypov, A.K.A. Jason Stalin, A.K.A. Detective Tyrone Justice, A.K.A. Jay Dyer.-C

*not really

Saturday, December 10, 2016 -We will fly a fully loaded 747 into a building at 500 MPH

Paul Salo

That money would be better spent on studying how people end up believing in ridiculous conspiracy theories(9/11 official story).
I have to admit that I would like to see a big jet fly into a building for real, for once.-C

Friday, December 9, 2016

Erdogan top adviser says foreign chefs appearing on Turkish cooking shows are spies

“Have you ever seen a Turk hosting a cooking program on French TV, visiting its provinces, villages and industrial facilities?” Bulut stated before claiming the chefs were “taking advantage of pure-minded Anatolian people” by collecting information on military bases and industrial complexes under the pretense of being featured as part of cooking shows."

Continued @

Via: Dan

From the HBC archives...

HBC Special Report, Strange Scenes Inside the Kitchen.

HBC Special Report,Weird Scenes Inside the Kitchen,pt2

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Illuminati's Lady Gaga Hijacks Xmas Spirit with PTSD Rape Sympathy for Satan Story


Some interesting discussion about the social engineering programs being implemented as a response to fake news(school "shootings"), couldn't care less about Gag-ah.-C

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Hoax Busters: Oh Yeah, That Guy's An Actor Too

Hoax Busters: Conspiracy or just Theory? - Live & Recorded Episodes:

Call No.474

The half-truth is the most dangerous form of lie, because it can be defended in part by incontestable logic.-[The Secret Destiny Of America, page 195, by Manly P. Hall]

Shill Networks, Edgar Maddison Welch, Pizzagate, The Shooting Epidemic, Fake News, Strategic Operations, North Korean Nukes, Lookout Mountain, Presidents, Obama’s Legacy, Obama’s Deportation Policies, Actors Involved in Mass Shootings, Fidel Castro, Puerto Rico, Weltanschauung, Popularism, Trump’s Establishment Connections, New York, South Africa, Bolshevik Revolution, Marxism, Ideologies, Social Engineering, Bloodless Revolution, Islam, Polygamy, Mahatma Gandhi.

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Monday, December 5, 2016

Our Interesting Times: Chris Kendall on Pizzagate and Fake News

"Chris Kendall of Hoax Busters Call returns to Our Interesting Times to discuss Pizzagate and the possible psychological warfare angle to the scandal. We also talk about the history of fake news and how the mainstream media are really nothing more than propaganda organs for the corporate state. "

Our Interesting Times Podcast

North Korea's Missiles Are Fakes, Analysts Say

"North Korea tried to flex its military might with an extravagant parade on April 15, just three days after it admitted that its missile test had been a failure, but analysts now say that the new intercontinental ballistic missiles on display in the meticulously choreographed parade were nothing more than props."

Continued @

HBC Archives: Busted! Totally Staged and Hilarious North Korean Photos.

Via: Jay Dyer

Edgar Maddison Welch: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

"Welch has had a brief career in the film industry, according to an IMDB profile. He was a production assistant on two independent films, “The Mill” and “A Tale About Bootlegging” and was an actor in another film, “The Bleeding” in 2009."

Continued @

Interesting post here on the IMDB message board.-C

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Surviving an Active Shooter

The Ohio State University - Administration & Planning

Published on Sep 23, 2015

"It’s scary to think about, but an active shooter can strike any place, at any time. For this reason, The Ohio State University Department of Public Safety, in partnership with the Office of Student Life, has released this video to educate its campus community. Your safety is our number one priority, so please take a moment to watch. "

Via: Jay Dyer

Obama Deported More Immigrants THAN ANY OTHER PRESIDENT IN HISTORY (Redsilverj)


OSU Shooting Hoax Crisis Actor Exposed!

Brian Andrew

Friday, December 2, 2016

John Adams on the 2016 US Presidential Election and Political Theater

"John Adams of the Afternoon Commute returns to Our Interesting Times to discuss 2016 US presidential election and the theater that is electoral politics. We talk about the significance of Donald Trump's upset victory and why elements of the Deep State may have turned against Hillary Clinton. Later we discuss the brewing Pizzagate scandal, "fake news" and the occult level of politics."


Good Vibrations podcast, Vol. 97: Nino 210 - Establishment links in Punk & New Wave

HBC Special Report: The Untold History of Punk Rock 7, White Rich Kids Not On Dope

Hoax Busters: Conspiracy or just Theory? - Live & Recorded Episodes:

Powdered Wig Punks...

John and Myself(Chris) join Nino and Rich to discuss Seven Seconds, Positive Force Records, Dischord Records, Bad Brains, Minor Threat, Georgetown University, Brian Baker, Bad Religion, Noam Chomsky, Anarchism, Jeff Nelson, Lyle Preslar, Sidwell Friends School, Henry Rollins: The Column! Henry Speaks On His Consciousness-Expanding Trip to the Library of Congress With Ian MacKaye, Janeane Garofalo, Joe Cole, Howard Stern, Raymond Pettibon, Rick Rubin, Ivor Hanson, Quaker Schools, Weather Underground, Ho Chi Min, London School of Economics, Anthony Sutton, Jomo Kenyatta, Tom Morello, Mary Morello, Ann Dunham, Frank Marshall Davis, Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), Free Love, Communist Manifesto, Praxis, Government Spending, The Military.

Intro Music: Long Division by Fugazi

John Adams's Recommended Reading List.

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