Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Bogdanov Affair

"The PhD review board at the University of Burgandy granted the Bogdanovs' PhDs based on the work put in at the University, rather than the merit or even the quantity of their accomplishments. One member of the board acknowledged that he passed the brothers because quantum physics was not his area of expertise, and he therefore could not determine whether their work was valid. The Bogdanovs’ adviser granted Igor his PhD because he successfully published three papers, and not on the basis of academic achievement.

These guys worked for 10 years without pay, they have the right to have their work recognized with a diploma, which is nothing much these days — Daniel Sternheimer, Bogdanov doctoral adviser "


What's really interesting, when you read this, is that there seems to be no real consensus among theoretical physicists on whether or not their papers were a hoax.

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