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Eugenics, Transhumanism, IX XI, Genetics,Giant Chrome Lenin Head,Ray Kurzweil, The Age of Spiritual Machines,Selected Reading from:Millennium; Winners and Losers in the Coming Order,Jacques Attali.

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The Carbon 14 Dating Game

Notes and thoughts on Carbon 14 dating by Seu Bobo

It occurred to me recently that all radio carbon dating is demonstrably false since the technique involves the measuring of and the accounting for radioactive carbon from nuclear bomb detonations that we now know never happened. this excess radioactive carbon is called the atomic bomb effect.

The charlatans that created this part of the big science narrative- in the aptly named "le conte" hall- were already neck-deep in the atomic hustle.

"Wild" bill libby is credited with developing the carbon dating scam. wild bill will tell ya' he was good at one thing- making a sensitive geiger counter, the most sensitive in the world. in his own words from

"So this was the beginning of the chemical atomic age at Berkeley. I built the first U.S. Geiger counter right there. The first one in the country was built in that building. And, of course, following on that was the great Manhattan District. (Glenn) Seaborg came in, and grew up there and so on, far into the night."

---- glenn seaborg was the greatest alchemist of the 20th century and he was head of the aec--he used to hang out with jfk; well not just jfk, actually it was every president from truman to clinton.

"I would think so. But it also has this quality, that once you find a breakthrough, you quit roaming, you start concentrating. Nobody has to tell you that. The first element I tested proved to be radioactive. How lucky can you get? Not only was it radioactive, but it was a unique type. It was an alpha emitter, the element samarium. It's the only one still known that is an alpha emitter below thorium; now turning out to be one of the most valuable daters for things like meteorites. That's the first thing I put in my Geiger counter. It worked. I thought, ''My God, I'm going to have my thesis in 90 days." Well, the next one wasn't so — and so on and so on. But you begin to be drawn into what obviously is a major breakthrough. Radiochemistry was a major breakthrough. Then Lawrence's cyclotron started working. I did the Geiger counter in 1930, got my Bachelor's in 1931"

---- lawrence is the atom smasher- he isn't implicated personally in the radiocarbon dating scam, just his mythical machines are. he was busy with chromatron when alvarez asked for his help on the radiocarbon scam- so le conte goes.

"Well, now I have over the years discovered about seven natural radioactivities. I don't know if there's any point in listing them, but some of them are quite important. So the search for natural radioactivity was a good thesis, and it taught me a lot, because I had to purify these things. See, you don't just take a bottle off the shelf and put it in your Geiger counter, because it may have some junk in it. And it takes very little of certain radioactivity contaminations to totally foul you up. Roughly, what you have to do is add all the other elements and then separate them away, and take the residuum. Now, you don't add all the other elements, but you add families. To purify the rare earths, is a good month of hard work on the part of a good chemist, I mean an expert so each one of these took a lot of that. Roughly speaking, you throw anything in the Geiger counter and you'll get some count. The Geiger counter is very sensitive. But what it means remains to be cleared up by two things, the chemical purification, and to measure the characteristics of the radiation. But that's what radiochemistry is all about, is to identify the isotopes, and you know most of the isotopes that are in the isotope table were discovered by that gang at Berkeley. In fact, they're called the Seaborg Tables."

----like i said, seaborg was the greatest alchemist of the 20th century.

Now, this cross-disciplinary cooperation among scientists that was something that was in general peculiar to the Depression and more peculiar to Berkeley. Were you working with individuals from other disciplines right out of graduate school?


Oh yes. Sure. I had the only Geiger counter.

- ya don't say...

Now, what role did your Geiger counter play? Were you or Ruben using the Geiger counter in your attempts to isolate Carbon 14?


Well, we kept improving the Geiger counter. The Geiger counter was now being developed world wide. We kept improving it and we were on the forefront. Whenever anybody would publish a change or improvement in the technique, we had it, and usually it was our publication. Not often were we beaten out by anything. So we developed a Geiger counter called the screen wall counter. One of the problems with Geiger counters is, they have a wall, and a lot of the radioactive isotopes have very soft radiations, like tritium is extremely soft. So we developed this instrument which had a screen, and wasn't absorptive. This allowed us to make measurements of the very weakest radiation. So when Martin and Sam finally did find radiocarbon, they used my screen wall to do it. If they hadn't had it, they wouldn't have found it. But what Sam and I did, which in retrospect was probably stupid, was to assume that the half-life would be three months

-so it seems "wild" bill cornered the walled geiger counter market.

Wild bill won the 1960 noble in chemistry for his sensitive geiger counters role in the development of radiocarbon dating; but when it comes to fraudsters at berkeley, luis alvarez and his protege richard muller are on a whole 'nother level than wild bill (and his old lady leona woods marshall libby).

Professor alvarez claims to have been aboard the "great artiste" when they dropped the hiroshima gimmick. he claimed he measured the yield at 13 kilotons in this video. go figure.

He and his post doc, lawrence johnston, are given credit by the narrative for the invention of implosion-type nuclear weapon, they designed the detonator for the "fat man" we are told.

Luis and son pretended that they figured why the dinosaurs went away. it was called the "alvarez hypothesis" and it had something to do with iridium and shit tons of speculation. his son, walter, helped with this silliness- he is of course also a professor at berkeley.

Muller was also involved in the dinosaur hustle "when the whole thing exploded"- think barney, impact movies, and dinosaur television shows.

This narrative device of a man also x-rayed the feckin pyramids and won a noble prize for sticking a 7 foot long bubble chamber onto a feckin cyclotron.

The silliest shit he did was this--

Alvarez also mentored a young impressionable madman named richard muller. he convinced the silly son-of-gun to take the technique they had developed to search for the imaginary things called quarks ( "three quarks for muster mark, sure he hasn't got much of a bark, and sure any he has its all beside the mark". only at berkeley does joyce make sense.) and apply it to radio carbon dating.

It was happe times when richard got to work with luie. old luie showed him all the tricks you can do with shit nobody can see. their first project together involved the strapping of particles to a balloon somehow and then releasing the balloon to the upper atmosphere so the particles could be impacted by cosmic rays.

It seems luie's mentorship paid off because richard went from the happe balloons to u-2 spy planes measuring cosmic microwave variability, whatever the hell that means, while finding the "great cosine in the sky". nasa would later confirm his findings, of course, with the cosmic background explorer satellite.

So apparently the universe is expanding because of some bullshit richard muller and nasa did.

Richard also came up with nemesis theory all by himself. this theory alone proves that this shit is either scripted or richard muller is bat-shit crazy.

Then he created the field of accelerator mass spectrometry all by himself. then we are told he got bored and had to keep it moving, just like his narrative device-like mentor. apparently he had to move on to found berkeley earth to give his daughter something to do; to write silly books like 'physics for future presidents'; to dabble in the global warming hustle; to develop some telescope that can find supernovas automatically; and to teach our best and brightest brainwashed until 2009.

As for accelerator mass spectronomy as a science, here's the famous paper that alvarez contributed to the narrative.

and here is muller's account of the ams hustle.

No need to read them really. it should be clear that the three gents mentioned above are hustlers and all they have to peddle is bullshit.

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I could not help but notice the empty space left at Ground Zero during the “clean up” of the world trade centre in 2002. On a huge electric billboard facing the site, were the Roman numerals for 9 11 written as “IX XI” with the two numbers being separated by a space. Continue...

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Startlingly Shoddy Fake News Report by the BBC!

Hoax Busters Call

Many people are probably already familiar with this but it is a classic example, in my opinion.

Two different assemblages of footage with the exact same interview with the exact same woman with DIFFERENT DIALOG and added sound effects!

There's other videos out there about this stating that just the dialog with the word 'Napalm' was digitally swapped out for "Chemical" but, if you look closely, the man on the left has his hands behind his back in one take and to his side in the other take. That's proof of complete fakery, Hollywood style with multiple takes and special sound and makeup effects.

18+ Syria Genocide - Assad Burns School Children To Death With Incendiary Bombs - BBC

Syria crisis BBC crew returns to Aleppo

Get a load of the "zombie" kid hamming it up for the camera. Totally ridiculous fake crap!

I found about this shoddy fakery here...

Thanks to Craig Murray

WTC 9/11- Were Explosives Used?


This, no doubt, looks very similar to the twin towers destruction (fake)videos.

VĂ©rinage is a highly technical, directed and synchronized mechanical process performed by skilled technicians. To suggest that you can get the very same results with kerosene(jet fuel) is just asinine.

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School Systematically Sucks...

School,Psychology, Indoctrination, Propaganda, Conformity, Socialization, Brain Washing, Wrote Learning, Initiation, Rites of Passage, $5 Vans and $400 shirts.

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Recommended Reading: Now is the Dawning of the New Age New World Order, Dennis Laurence Cuddy phd, 1991

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Recommended Reading: The Unraveling of America: A History of Liberalism in the 1960s by Allen J. Matusow

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How "They" turned People into Dumb-Downed Debt Slaves...


A Prison that you cannot see, feel, or smell.
The Matrix. Clip from Movie "My Dinner with Andre".

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Hollywoods History of Faking It | The Evolution of Greenscreen Compositing

Filmmaker IQ

Go inside the history of the travelling mattes (now called chromakey) and learn the history of visual trickery used by filmmakers from the earliest filmmakers through to the modern day.

Nutty Science: The Visual Microphone: Passive Recovery of Sound from Video

Abe Davis's Research

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Reading Whilst Driving...

Selected reading from Tragedy And Hope, subtitled "A History Of The World In Our Time" an epic and scholarly work of history written by Carroll Quigley followed up by commentary and discussion.

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Ancient Aliens Debunked - (full movie) HD


Chris White does a real good job here of demolishing the "Ancient Alien" hypothesis.
The video is a bit long because it touches on a wide range of subject matter and provides some interesting information about how the pyramids at Giza and other ancient sites were probably constructed.

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Hoax Busters: Conspiracy or just Theory? - Live & Recorded Episodes:

The Lighter Side of Gaza....

Gaza Strip Mall, Jews, The Holocaust, Nazi Sanhedrin, Judaism, Iron Dome, Palestine Conflict, Jewish Niggers, Frankfurt Reform Society, Bavarian Illuminati, Pallywood, The Nuke Hotline, Bioweapons, Anarchy, New York City Blackout, The Purge.

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Vaccines Are For Population Control

Memorandum 200, the 1974 Kissinger document that details population control methods and organizations that will be involved , names the WHO, UNFPA, UNICEF, the World Bank and also calls for private involvement to reduce and control world populations.

These are the precise same organizations listed on the GAVI(Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation) partnership page. GAVI was set up by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation "was launched to fund vaccines for children in more than 70 of the world's poorest countries."

Bill Gates Admits Vaccines Are Used for Human Depopulation

Philip Jonkers

Iron Dome Fake - A Massive Hoax - Missiles Blowing Up in the Air

The Iron Dome Hoax is a rather hard one to understand the reasoning behind and comes to terms with, after all we are told on the nightly news night after night that Hamas missiles are being intercepted by the almost god-like Iron dome system, which intercepts allegedly 90% of the missiles launched toward Israel... Why lie about that?

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