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Uploaded Call: John Adams Morning Commute 4/30/14

Hoax Busters: Conspiracy or just Theory? - Live & Recorded Episodes:

If Only Dorthy had one...

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Commute Music: Big Surprise, The Bellfuries

. . . it was all quite voluntary.” The economic factor is always important, and the logic of a “contractual obligation” is just another form of institutional violence, as if someone always had a real choice in the matter, as if a choice were never forced or coerced.

Redding speaks of this everyday violence when he says that “all legal contacts are premised on the latent presence of violence in an institution; it is this latent presence that guarantees the enforceability of the contract.”

The violent norm of a contractual obligation is always in favor of the dominants. As it turns out, this particular war is a theatrical war, a loudspeaker war, a war where there is no real enemy; it is staged, performed with all the trappings of war, including casualties.

Tristram lives through the “attack” and learns the truth, but even when he threatens to expose what he knows, his superiors (and, finally, Tristram too) understand that he’ll just be taken for a crackpot.

Britain in Decline in Anthony Burgess’s The Wanting Seed: Institutional Violence and Dystopian Consequences

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