Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Friends Of The Constitution Phone Club

The Friends Of The Constitution Phone Club is an affiliation of independent, free range, citizen consultant volunteers that take delight in the joy and adventure that awaits those that explore the wondrous landscape of what is our most glorious and marvelous, enchanting and fascinating “Criminal Justice System”.

The F.T.O.C.P.C offers it’s highly valuable legal consulting services absolutely free of charge to public servants who are in the process of imposing their services on one of our members.

One of the great things about being a volunteer is that you don’t need to know, or for that matter, even care about what is written on a piece of dusty old parchment or any other sheet of paper.

Because, according to Mr. Neal West, City Prosecutor for Municipal Corporation of the City of Lawton, “it’s all open to interpretation”.

In other words, be yourself, be creative and just provide your valuable ideas as to what you think it SHOULD say.

Mr. Neal West himself certainly abides by that standard and has helped the F.T.O.C.P.C in it’s understanding how we should proceed as volunteers.

We offer our services, at the behest of our members ,to our most valued public servants who are in turn, imposing their services one of our members with no opt-out to said member.

We employ the no opt-out method to our FREE services to public officials, at no cost to them personally.

It works like this: An F.T.O.C.P.C affiliate member; anyone with a podcast or other public platform, that is a member(or non member) announces a case number or citation number at the top of the members piece of paper that was issued to him by a public servant, along with the name of the courthouse,alleged “crime," date of issue and ,of course, phone number. It’s best to call in on Monday night during the Hoax Busters Call with your case. Hopefully, other affiliates will spring up soon.

Any volunteer within earshot can then spring into action, getting on the phone and calling all the public servants involved(or even not involved) in the case pending against the member, and commence offering your most beneficial FREE and unsolicited advice to aid in the(financial) decision making process that then must be engaged in.

Helpful Tips/Suggestions:

1. IMPORTANT! Be extremely polite and respectful in your tone of voice.

2. Announce yourself(or not)as a The Friends Of The Constitution Phone Club citizen volunteer consultant.(or whatever you think)

3. Frequently remind the public servant that your services are free especially if there’s any sort of protest on their part.

4. Inform the public servant that we live in a “Participatory Democracy” where everyone’s input should be cherished and appreciated on any and all matters involving our sacred parchment.

5. Also, frequently remind the public servant that you are not offering them legal advice, even though your advice is clearly regarding a legal matter, the public servent will be very familiar with that statement and it will serve to reassure them that what you’re doing is actually O.K. .

6. IMPORTANT! Be extremely polite and respectful in your tone of voice.

7. Be as persitant as you feel you need to be to aid them in their understanding.

Remember,a"Participatory Democracy”means everybody!

Disclaimer: None of the above should taken as legal advise.

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