Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Deadly Danger That No One Talks About!

Hoax Busters Call

What sinister solvent carries more explosive power in one gallon than 83 pounds of dynamite?...

What lethal liquid did a crazed mad man use to kill 87 people in the Happy Land Social club in 1990?

The Bath School Massacre left 38 children, 6 adults dead and injured 58 and that was with mere dynamite.

Remember, gasoline has more explosive power in one gallon than 83 POUNDS OF TNT!!!

An average fuel tank can hold around 20 gallons of gasoline. That vehicle is toting around the destructive potential of 166 pounds of dynamite!

The National School Safety Center, the Department of Homeland Security and all other trusted public officials appear to be blissfully unaware and/or quite cavalier about the horrifing lethality of this ubiquitous killer.

Citizens Responsibly Acquiring Petroleum, is non profit group actively trying to raise awareness about this vital issue. Join the fight! Call your Congressman or other trusted public official today!

Our platform is this...

1.) National legislation to require background checks for gasoline purchases of 10 gallons or more.

2.) Trained DHS and/or TSA security personnel to be posted at all gas stations and other gasoline,diesel,jetful and all other fuel dispensaries nationwide.

3.) The equivalent of the Air Marshall to ride along with operators of gasoline tankers and all other fuel transport vehicles to thwart potential high jackers.

Pass the message along for you and your children's safety!

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