Monday, March 3, 2014

Canker Sores and Coconut Oil

I started this last night and it seems to really help.
Damned canker sore was driving me crazy.


  1. I'm not the one getting paid to deceive by the NSA. Getting a cut from dirty Markus Allen, promoting the no agenda show. "Top of the morning to you Markus" hahaha very funny Chris. sending your listeners, who trust you on a hamster wheel, spurting so much crap out with no conclusions, with your new age hippy crap, trying to keep free thinkers in a box with your fakery agenda. FAKERY IS A DISTRACTION , you know this and you still push it. Why is that, oh that's right, your paid by the enemy.

  2. This anonymous entity is absolutely correct in the statements. I am surprised and quit elated to see another finally becoming wise to this team of "truthers". For those who scoff the statement because it's anonymous. Think again about these entities who give what we are supposed to believe are their real names. Bravo I say.

  3. Thank you, I told you Chris, others can see the deception of lies. Do you think we are going to give up our identity to a gatekeeper who works for the enemy. If you call it cowardly a act, think of what you are doing, openly deceiving the innocent, who are trying to make sense of this mess that the world is in.


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