Friday, February 7, 2014

Starsuckers Documentary

A worthwhile watch and excellent example of Revelation of the Method
even though it poisons the well with emphasis on Darwinist claptrap while downplaying the pathological, narcissistic aspects of celebrity.

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  1. Really liked the presentation showing how people are tricked into seeking after fame. I thought it was especially funny how those people paid some actors to pretend to be paparazzi and harass them.

    But yeah, that attempted connection to Darwinism was absolutely wild. All they can say is, "We must have evolved to be social because all the loners died out and we needed to be social to survive." But they don't have to provide any type of evidence to back it up? It's rampant speculation in my book, with no fact checking whatsoever. But as long as they are talking about evolution, people will assume it's scientific and intelligent. Just funny.


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