Saturday, February 8, 2014

Hoax Busters: John Adams on Music Fakery.

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We talk about bullets and then go in to the topic of music fakery and just how synthetic your favorite music actually is.

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  2. good conversation. are you familiar with tom dowd? the official story is that he worked on the manhattan project, but was so advanced in the field that he couldn't find work. so tom became the record producer and sound engineer to practically everyone. he sounds like the perfect sound guy for look out mountain, no?

    by the way, i grew up in ohio so i have been pre-programmed for autotune since the early eighties. check roger troutman and zapp's computer love or more bounce to the ounce.

  3. Wow, I kind of remember that song-Sounds like a song about computer dating way before it became popular. Predictive Programming?


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