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Massachusetts police chiefs back 'red flag' firearms access bill

The bill (H 3610), which is pending before the House Ways and Means Committee, would allow a family member, roommate or law enforcement official to petition the court to bar someone from owning a firearm if their gun ownership presents a "significant danger of causing personal injury to self or others."
"It's just an extra tool in the toolbox, where you have family members and others that are close to individuals that know them best, and if they feel they're in some sort of crisis and they'd like to take some action to help safeguard both their safety and the safety of others, it's just another method for families to be able to go out and take some steps without having to have the law enforcement involved directly at that point, either," Wojnar told the News Service.
Current law, passed in 2014, grants Massachusetts police chiefs the power to revoke gun licenses. At the time of that law's passage, Middlesex County District Attorney Marian Ryan said it "empowers police chiefs to use their judgment and common sense to identify people who – by virtue of mental illness, addiction, or a history of violence – have shown that they cannot be trusted with a lethal weapon."
Wojnar said the bill takes that idea and "kind of expands it out," allowing action to be taken wherever a person is now living or staying, and by those likely to know them best.


House Speaker Robert DeLeo told reporters Monday afternoon that members of his staff had a "good conversation" with the chiefs association.
"I'd advise you to stay tuned on that," he said, later adding, "I think there is a strong interest now in terms of taking, shall I say, that extra step forward."

Friday, June 1, 2018

Active Shooter, a school shooting game, removed from Steam following outrage

Visible on Valve's wildly popular Steam marketplace Tuesday morning, Active Shooter was slated for release June 6, and appeared to let you play as a SWAT team member or an active shooter in various scenarios. The game included school settings complete with rows of desks, a school gym and hallways lined with lockers.
Ryan Petty, one of the parents who lost a child during the Feb. 14 Parkland shooting took to Facebook to let Valve know the game was not acceptable. Seventeen people lost their lives in the Florida tragedy, with another 17 wounded.

This real-life cyborg has an antenna implanted into his skull

"I think we are entering into the age of transitions into cyborgs so we are going to see more wearable technology becoming accepted and normalized. Once wearing technology becomes something normal we'll start to see the transiotion into implanting the technology. People will start accepting this more. So in the late 20's we'll see more and more projects with new body parts and new senses and I believe that in the 40's it will be normal to have technology implanted. So it will be normal to merge humans and technology and to unite cybernetics and organism. Im sure it will be normal to meet someone and ask them: "what are your extra senses and what are your new body parts?"."
-Neil Harbisson

BI Tech

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The Human body in relation to the Heterotopia (video edition)

A video essay which addresses the postmodern concept of the Heterotopia developed by philosopher Michel Foucault by analyzing three artists works. Works by installation artist Rachel Wilberforce (Solaris, 2014) , film maker Andrei Tarkovsky (Solaris, 1972), and transhumanist artist Stelarc (Ear On Arm) are featured in this presentation


 HBC Afternoon Commute Interview here:Afternoon Commute w/ Adam Miller

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HBC Discord Podcast 5/22/18

Participants include: HBC-Chris, Gaia, NotSoFreeMason, Phil Blanks, chris746, k e l i t o, smj and Rollo 
discussing a variety of topics.

Grass-fed Beef — The Most Vegan Item In The Supermarket

About 400 million acres in the US alone is used to grow crops, which is about 40% of all US land.
This use of arable land provides ample food for all humans, but it takes away the daily meals of billions of wild animals such as rabbits, bees, rodents, turkeys, earthworms, and endless insects, and it destroys their habitat, family structure, hunting grounds, and nectaries. Not to mention the terrible slave-like conditions that many farm workers in the field are subjected to. Humans are animals as well.
See, I don’t believe in any way that a vegan diet actually causes less suffering in the long run then any other diet. All annual agriculture provides fertile ground for the casual extermination of hundreds of species of animals on a yearly basis. If I include all the animals harmed in the grand picture of agriculture, not just the large mammals, I have to conclude that cultivating the cornfield is the most murderous of all activities.
That is why, in truth, a pound of grass-fed beef accounts for less suffering per capita then a pound of corn.
But the funny part of the term fallow is that it doesn’t mean that land is actually resting, doing nothing. No, what it means is that the farmer is not coercing the land into productivity with a blade, engine, or chemical. When allowed to fall back into fallowness, the land itself bursts forth with wild life and energy beyond what is possible with an annual agriculture. The life stories of a million creatures play out and contribute to the regeneration of a piece of fallow land, a wild acre, a small part of planet Earth.

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The original blog is back online!

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. Chris here, good to see the old blog is up and running.It mysteriously came back online. Check back soon for new posts in the near future. Thank you Kelly for notifying me about the blog coming back on line.

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